Gift card Thrifter

Now that the holidays are over many of us are looking at the stack of gift cards that you may have received and can still get a thrill from visiting your favorite store. Well don’t forget to visit your local thrift shop or second hand store.

Thrift stores receive a variety of donations ranging from people who have downsized to the major department store such as Nieman Marcus and Bloomingdales. I often find tons of name brand stuff, tons. If you are seeking Hollister, they got you. I found a Ralph Lauren skirt that was to die for, I’m a retro type girl and it was right up my alley. From jewelry, vintage clothing, and furniture you can’t go wrong frequenting your local thrift store.

You may also want to learn their sales days and get on any email lists. Savers will send an email when they have a sale.

The Salvation Army Store has a sale on select days and half off imagethe entire store at least once per month. Thrift stores like many larger name retailers have found their platform on the web, so be on the look out. My favorite is Boomerangs. They have a color tag saleimage each week for the entire week and 1/2 off another color. All proceeds from Boomerangs support AIDS Action’s work to prevent new infections, support those affected, and tackle the root causes of HIV/AIDS.

You just never know what is behind the doors, web, and don’t forget to thoroughly check those racks what you find may surprise you.


What’s in a name?

Thrifty Avenue is a name that I use to describe the way that I choose to do things, on a budget. The name was first used during a business planning session. I was going to partner with a friend to open a thrift store. Unfortunately the thrift store did not come to be. As time went on I experimented with holding spots at flea markets and online sales but no brick and mortar store front.

Ultimately after some consideration I really could not limit Thrifty Avenue to retail items. I mean I have become turned off from the inflated prices and limited choices at many of our local stores. I refuse to pay for things that I can do, or learn to do myself. I also grow increasingly disgruntled with predatory practices in use across all industries.

The quality of items today is just not what it use to be. The unit price and unit amount is not what it use to be. We need to open our eyes and close our wallets.

I want to share my joy for doing the unthinkable, getting a thrill from the bargain of the century, and going back to the simplicity of yesteryear. I hope that you enjoy the journey as much as I do.